I recently got back into Jazz

I recently got back into Jazz

Last year, I got back into Jazz. I had been hooked in 1964 by WHAT, a 24 hour Jazz station in Philadelphia where Sid Mark and Joel Dorn, a very young Joel Dorn, were the two prominent on air hosts. But that was a long time ago.

Recently, I read a New Yorker article in which Alex Ross alluded to a relationship between John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” and a Sibelius symphony. Then, John Schaefer had the Turtle Island Quartet on talking about their John Coltrane tribute album, which won a grammy. With me coming from the world of Classical music, my interest in Jazz was again brought to the fore.

But the biggest thing was meeting up with the work of Steve Rowland, at artistowned.com who had two incredible radio documentary projects, “The Miles Davis Radio Project”, and “Tell Me How Long ‘Trane’s Been Gone.


Add to all of the above two new listening sources with really intelligent and knowledgeable on-air hosts:
WPRB, Princeton, has great Jazz 11:00AM-1:00PM week days. Two hosts are Dan Buskirk and Will Constantine Jr.; and WBGO, Newark, NJ, which not only has great on air hosts, but also originates concerts from The Village Vanguard and J&R Music.

I put Steve Rowland’s two projects on my Zune and listened to each once hour program over and over and over. I learned a lot not only about the two principle subjects, but also the importance of sideman, who they were at what points in time. I was also keyed into other important people like Eric Dolphy, and believe it or not, Paul Hindemith.

So, if you have an interest in Jazz, but do not know how to go about exploration of this very complex subject, get the Steve Rowland projects, put them on your mp3 player, take them with you to where ever you go, Europe, food shopping, the dentist.

Have a great time with this exciting field of music.