Internet Technology: Several Joys and one Negative

Internet Technology: Several Joys and one Negative

Recently, WBGO set a new benchmark with a web video stream of a concert at the Village Vanguard. We can only hope that this is a good sign of things to come. At WNYC, there is a huge compendium of downloadable New Sounds archives. Also at WNYC, the same is true for Soundcheck I know that I have mentioned it before, but the new web site and flash player at Hearts of Space bears repeating. When it is time to chill, relax with HOS. The listener might even learn something. For users of Shoutcast, there is a problem in that many of the best streamers of Classical music, including our beloved PubRadio services, are listed in the Jazz genre sub genre of Classic. One unintended benefit of this is that if you cannot decide what you want, Classical or Jazz, you can go to one sub-genre and find whatever you want. Last of the good stuff, check out Live365. While Shoutcast is free, Live365 has an incredible line-up of niche streamers, including Innova streams focusing on minimalism, Jazz, piano, electronic music, an whatever else Philip Blackburn can dream up. One questionable practice is an on-air host recommending that his listeners tell people they know in other time zones that they can “time shift” the programming. He was alluding to special software easily and sometimes freely available on the internet to record the content of the programs. DRM anyone? Copyright anyone? WBGO Jazz 88 Newark, NJ Live365 WNYC

I wanted to drop in an image for Hearts of Space; but this blog requires a URL, you know, http://… which these guys had and the others did not.