Jazz: getting into it or expanding your horizons

Jazz: getting into it or expanding your horizons

I am writing a lot of stuff right now because there is a built up reservoir. As it empties, I will slow down. I promise.

If you are interested in Jazz and need some resources to expand your knowledge and make the experience even better, National Public Radio has a number of useful areas.


Concerts: NPR, partnering especially with WBGO at the NPR web site has available many concerts of about 1 hour each. Some of these are available as downloads, others are only available for listening. You can check out a current artist and then decide if you want to buy his or her works.

Jazz Profiles: at the Jazz Profiles site there are individual one hour profiles of many of the most amazing players of the present and the past. These profiles are hosted by Ms Nancy Wilson and are available for download. I learned a great deal from the thirty I took. I wound up getting a lot of music for my library based upon these profiles.