PBS and DVD’s

PBS and DVD’s

This is a bit off topic, but related to my interest in Classical music.

Why do PBS and its member stations persist in thinking that any civilized person is going to pay them over US$20.00 at their “store”, or contribute US$100.00 or more, just to get a DVD of a program?

The right price these days for DVD blank discs is US$0.22 ea. When a program that I want is broadcast, I record it on my DVR (it used to be VHS tape). Then I spin it off to my DVD recorder. So, now I can watch it at the original cost of US$0.22.

Most recently, I did this with “Leonard Bernstein- Reaching for the Note”, and a wonderful documentary on Jerome Robbins, also on WNET. I have also done this with the WNET re-broadcast of the concert from East Berlin of Leonard Bernstein conducting Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony when the Berlin Wall came down, and Martin Scorsese’s two part documentary on Bob Dylan, “No Direction Home”.

Beyond that, I take the DVD to my computer and with some really cheap software I convert the DVD files to .mp4. Now, I have achieved portability.

Last, I put the video on one of my 120 gig Zunes. Now, I can take it on an airplane when I visit California (the only two countries I visit are Los Angeles and San Diego), or I can take it to the dentist.

Maybe one of these days these people will wake up to the fact that their model is archaic in view of today’s technology.