Marvin Rosen Shines Presenting Philip Glass

Marvin Rosen Shines Presenting Philip Glasss

Kudos (is it “props” these days?) to Marvin Rosen for his presentation of the Philip Glass/Robert Moran Opera “The Juniper Tree”. Marvin told us that this was the broadcast premier, and that it actually used a recording of the 1985 live debut of the work. The work will be released by Orange Mountain Music and will carry the number OMM0057. The publisher has a link to Amazon for the work; but as of yet it does not show up in their listings.

Orange Mountain describes itself as a new record company devoted to the works of Philip Glass.

The Juniper Tree

It is 2009, but this is Glass in 1985, at the height (or most base, if you prefer) of his creativity.

My purpose here is not to praise Philip Glass, but to praise Marvin. His presentation was as clear and organized as that of Margaret Juntwait, previously at WNYC, New York Public Radio, who is now the radio voice of the Metropolitan Opera. Man, am I glad that she got that job.

Marvin is always extremely well prepared and efficient in his presentation of music on his two programs “Classical Discoveries” and “Classical Discoveries Goes Avantgarde.” He wastes no words and he wastes no time.

One is forced to wonder at the twenty-four year delay in getting this work out to the public. I am not an opera fan, yet I found that some familiarity with Philip Glass made the music highly approachable.

Thank you, Marvin, for bringing this work into our world.