WBGO, Jazz 88.3 is Setting New Standard

WBGO is setting a new standard for Public Radio with videocasts.

WBGO in conjunction with NPR has presented live concerts in audio, on FM and streaming audio for quite a while. These concerts give the listener the opportunity to do some extended listening. The listener is then in a good position to decide to buy the music of the artist, giving financial support in return for some great experiences.

Now, WBGO has raised the bar. On Wednesday, April 8, 2009, WBGO originated its third videocast. This was the incredible Jazz trumpet and flugelhorn player Tom Harrell with his quintet at the Village Vanguard. Josh Jackson of WBGO did a wonderful job with an interview of Mr. Harrell at the artist’s home, and this was presented, audio only, prior to the concert.

Mr. Harrell is a very special individual. He has faced many unique challenges in his personal life. He has overcome a great deal to become a highly respected composer and player.

Both the concert and the interview are available on WBGO’s web site.