Supporting Living Composers

This is about supporting Living Composers.

I just bought Michael Gordon’s album Trance.
Trance Michael Gordon
I read about it at Sequenza21,
which I got from Marvin Rosen at WPRB.
I bought it in mp3 at Bang On A Can. So, I supported a living composer.
Bang On a Can Store

My sister bought Mark O’Connor’s Americana Symphony.
Americana Symphony
Where did she learn about it? Right here from me. She bought it at the Princeton Record Exchange in CD.
Princeton Record Exchange
That’s fine, that is her metier. She supported a living composer. She also bought his Retrospective.
Mark O'Connor Retrospective

Now, I could not find a better set of examples of how things can work: Marvin>Richard>Sequenza21>BOAC (the real BOAC, not the old airline), and Richard>sister>PRC.

If we want good music, we need to pony up for it. Greg Sandow spends hours thinking and writing about this stuff. Not living composers, that is my particular interest. But, the future of music. The future of music is the same as the future of anything; money.

My sister told me she was delighted at her purchases of the O’Connor works. I am delighted with the Michael Gordon. Music has a future, we are IT.