The You Tube Symphony Orchestra

The You Tube Symphony Orchestra

I highly recommend that you go to You Tube and search on the You Tube Symphony Orchestra. You will find a bunch of typical short videos. But, you will also find Act One which is 59 minutes and Act Two, a longer video. This is an extraordinary event. Not so much because of this bunch of musicians, but rather because it is the advent of digital adventure.

This is not the first time that You Tube has presented something much larger than their normal brief videos.
Some time ago, I found a one hour plus lecture by a scientist from the Large Hadron Collider, a passion of mine from the world of “crunching”.

So, yes, it can be done by others, if they have enough importance.

The real message here is the power of You Tube to do great things. The Metropolitan Opera is available all over the country by special arrangements in movie theaters. Soon, maybe they will also be on You Tube. Then, after that, maybe the New York Phil or the B.S.O. The possibilities are endless.

You Tube now has good high quality video and audio, and, Eureeka! a download utility for saving the video in .mp4. I am right now downloading Act One on another computer. I am having a bit of trouble with Act Two, but I am sure that somehow I will also get that video.