at Live365 and Music From The Hearts of Space at Live365 and Music From The Hearts of Space

There are two music sources to which I have not paid enough attention at this site. They are in many ways very similar. Both will cost the listener some money. Both are quite inexpensive on a monthly basis. Both have a number of pricing plans to fit one’s budget. Both will provide a playlist, which enables the listener to buy the music that he or she likes.

They are different in what they present.

Hearts of Space is a music service that originated for transmission on Public Radio. It is heard on over 200 stations around the country. But Stephen Hill and his cohorts have created an independent music service which is available by subscription via the internet. The producers present an hour long themed mix built around a subject or featuring the music of a specific composer. There are over 800 programs in the archive available for listening. There are so many genres represented that I cannot count them. I think that it is safe to say that HOS presents, to borrow a phrase from my beloved WNYC, “over 500 years of New Music”. Stephen introduces each program and at the end provides details of the music. There is always a text playlist with complete disc information. If the listener does not want to choose, there is a “radio channel” which presents a revolving list of about 25 complete programs. There is actually a “free” service of the current week’s program available on Sundays. There are several payment plans to fit your listening needs and your pocketbook. I am fortunate to have a registration at home and one at work.

Hearts of Space has also obtained the rights to present complete albums buy various composers for the listeners pleasure.

If you have visited the site in the past, but not recently, you will be blown away by the new graphics and tools at the sight, The new Flash player is extraordinary.

I highly recommend this site. Hearts of Space has given my wife and I much pleasure for over twenty years. is the producing arm of the American Composers’ Forum, St Paul, MN. Innova provides a nourishing environment for new composers and musicians. I have heard Innova artists presented on WPRB on both Classical and Jazz programs, and at WNYC-FM’s Evening Music and on wnyc2. The best way to hear the artists at Innova is via the five streams at Live365 They are piano, minimalism, saxophone, sonic, and electroaccoustic. You can listen in the player provided by Live365, or you can save the streams as bookmarks in iTunes or Winamp. You just pick which you want after you register and pick a payment plan. You can only use the one registration on one computer. So, if you are like me, you will have a registration on your home computer and one on your work computer. While you listen, you can keep up the web site of the stream and see a rolling playlist. This way, you can know exactly what you like and, maybe support the artist by buying the music.

Also available at the Innova site, especially for nut jobs like me, are over seventy interviews conducted by the chief impresario at Innova, Philip Blackburn. In two groups, “Measure For Measure” and “Alive and Composing” Philip interviews young and youngish composers and musicians about what it is like to try and practice their arts while keeping it all together in life. These interviews can be downloaded in .mp3 and put on your mp3 player. You can take them to Europe, or to the dentist.

Innova is one of the most important links in the chain of New Music, using Live365 to put the musicians and listeners together.

Live365, by the way, has thousands of streams in an uncountable number of genres, all available to you for the same small monthly fee. You can preset one or a thousand. Along with the Innova streams, I have saved several other New Music streams, and, yes, two very mellifluous Goth streams.

I highly recommend Innova to you for your musical pleasure.

Both Hearts of Space and Innova will really add to your existing musical inventory and knowledge.