Bringing It All Into View

Bringing It All Into View

I just finished reading Weather Bird by Jazz critic Gary Giddins. Great book. It dawns on me that the experience brings a lot of what I have been writing into view.

First, the book. Reading good books by established critics and authors can embellish the experience of buying and listening to music.

This past week, WNYC (Public Radio) opened its new Jerome L Greene Performance Space. On Tuesday night, there was a four hour videocast (internet technology, web streaming).

The cream of the current “Downtown” NYC music scene were present, as I related in a previous post. I recorded the videocast (technology) so that I could view parts of it on a repeated basis. Of course, making a recording such as this would not be necessary if WNYC would archive these events and have them available as downloads or podcasts (technology). Be that as it may, one musician stood out for me, I just kept coming back to his performance. That was Jason Moran. Jason is a Jazz pianist (serious music). So, I went to Amazon and purchased his album Modernistic in .mp3 (support living composers, mp3 hegemony).


Reading along in Giddin’s book as he comes into this century and up to the present, Jason Moran kept reappearing, especially for two albums, Black Stars and Facing Left. So, I bought both of them, again in .mp3. Jason will get a little money, not as much probably as if I had purchased CD’s, but, hey, in this digiteria, as in many,those days are gone. All of Jason’s work will go on my Jazz Zune. They will thus travel with me wherever I go, whether to The Kids’ homes across the country, to the dentist’s office, or just on my exercise walks.

Black Stars

Facing Left

I am listening now as I write to Black Stars which I really like.

So, there you have it, in no particular order: Public Radio, web streaming, technology, reading about music, supporting living composers, serious music. Did I leave anything out?