Two Outstanding New Albums From Young Artists

Two Outstanding New Albums From Young Artists

Two new first efforts are out. One is Jazz, one is best described as New Music from the “Downtown” New York New Music scene. Both have created a lot of buzz at the New Music weblog Sequenza21.

In chronological order:

Last week, came “Infernal Machines” from Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society.
Infernal Machines
This is a wonderful Jazz album. All I can say is “try it, you’ll like it” It is currently available only in mp3 at Amazon for US$8.99.
All you might want to know about this bright young person is at the Secret Society web site.

The second album is “First Things First” from Nadia Sirota.
First things first
Nadia’s album is also seemingly only available in mp3 at US$6.99.
You can find out all about Nadia at her website .

I bought both of these offerings as soon as they were available. I have listened to both and am very satisfied. Support young composers, especially when they are as good as these two.

5.21.09 This is pretty cool. I have an alert set for WNYC. So, someone-a person, it so happens, and a Jazz guy-posted in his weblog about John Zorn having been on David Garland’s Ear To Ear program on WNYC. I found the interview and recorded it. I went back to his weblog and thanked him for the reference. I left my URL, he checked out my weblog. He told me he was interested in Nadia’s work, and he visited her site at I hope he bought her new album. So, then it would be WNYC full circle.