The Legacy of George Harrison

The Legacy of George Harrison

I am sitting here watching the Concert for George organized by Eric Clapton to remember and celebrate the life and music of to my mind really after all is said and done the most complete musician from the Beatles. The concert was November 29, 2002, “One Year to the Day” at Royal Albert Hall. The concert features first the music of the great Indian maestro, Ravi Shankar, with a huge Indian group performing music written for the occasion. Then after a short Monty Python segment, the stage is filled with musicians involved in George’s life. After the Indian music, what a collection of great Western players: Of course Eric Clapton, George and Olivia’s son Dhani, Jeff Lynne (ELO, and Thee Traveling Wilburys), Gary Brooker (Procul Harum), Ringo, Tom Petty (also a Wilbury) and the Heartbreakers, Billy Preston, Paul McCartney, HRH Sam Brown, Jim Keltner (a Sidebury, cousin of the Wilburys), and so many more. I come back and back and back to this concert and this music.

Concert for George

And, it is but a follow on to George’s Concert for Bangladesh, to which I also come back and back and back. Either Eric or Jeff said these songs are “evergreens”. George knew just everyone. Besides Jeff and Tom, George also got Bob Dylan (not in the Concert for George, why?? But, at the Concert for Bangladesh, a nice set with George) and the great Roy Orbison to become Wilburys. It is all of these connections, from the “Whiter Shade of Pale” guy to the “Only The Lonely” guy which put George in a special place. It is really George who is the evergreen.

Concert for Bangladesh

And, thanks, George, for the Wilburys. “It was Georges band, it was always Georges band”, said Tom Petty.

Traveling Wilburys

I know that I write about PubRadio, jazz and Classical and “New Music”, streaming audio, all of it. But I never stay away from this work for a long time. I love it. All of it.

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