O.K., it is confession time. Last night I sent my 320 gig Passport external hard drive to the dust bin. I tried to copy in a 4 gig video and was out of space. I probably should be embarassed, but, actually, I am quite happy with my collection. I am a collector. Of music in mp3 and video in mp4.

So, I hotsied myself to Best Buy and picked up a 1TB Western Digital My Book. I fully formatted the disc. No quick formats, please.
I copied my library, shut down, disconnected both drives, rebooted, cleaned out the libraries in WMP, Winamp and Zune, shut down, reconnected only the new drive, checked the drive letter, re-configured the three players to only monitor the music and video folders on that drive, and re-scanned all three players. The formatting I did overnight, and it took all night. The rest of the work took just a few hours while I was at work, and, actually working while it went on.

My biggest section is Jazz, 45 gigs, for which I am grateful for the generous help of Steve Rowland. Classical, a meager 16 gigs, but, a very good core collection from Bach through Golijov, and including Partch, Nancarrow, Varese, and Antheil. I have a lot of Jazz concerts recorded in mp3 from WBGO/NPR plus Jazz Profiles available as downloads.My Avantgarde is a highly respectable 20 gigs. But, I include some people there that others might put in Classical, Hovhannes, Schoenberg, John Adams, , and, hey, John Zorn, and Jon Hassel (The afore mentioned Partch, Nancarrow, Varese, and Antheil some might have put in Avantgarde). If you read them in Wikipedia and see from whence they cometh, you might see why I have them in Avantgarde. I have a lot of Zorn. I put Lamont Young there, also. More typical might be David Diamond, Elliot Carter, Henry Brant (nine DVD set from Innova, thank you very much). Stockhausen, Michael Gordon (Trance and Decasia from BOAC in mp3), Milton Babbitt, Boulez (really, I have some Boulez) and Robert Moran.

In other genres, I have all of Enigma, all of Dead Can Dance (thank you Hearts of Space) , some Electronica where I got help from John Schaefer and Stephen Hill, a whole bunch of New Sounds and Soundcheck programs, all of the American Mavericks audio interviews, plus the interviews by Philip Blackburn for Innova at “Measure for Measure” and “Alive and Composing“. The interviews go on my Zune for my exercise walks, on the plane to California, to the dentist, wherever.

I have a lot of Rock and a lot of Rock concerts, some ripped from my own DVD’s, some from unnamed sources.

Videos, egad. Bob Dylan, the Scorsesi “No Direction Home” four hours, the Pennebaker “Don’t Look Back” four hours and the Dylan at Newport 1963-65 Murry Lerner film; all of Ken Burns Jazz series; Bernstein’s Freedom Concert, the PBS version and a European version with no pitching, plus the PBS “Leonard Bernstein-Reaching for the Note”; Rolling Stones “Steel Wheels’ concert; every inch of Traveling Wilburys video I could find; some Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Sting and the Police; Buena Vista Social Club; Calle 54 (all about Latin Jazz); an ELO concert; from PBS a Philip Glass documentary and a Jerome Robbins documentary; Paul Simon a Graceland Concert and a Rhythm of the Saints concert, this last, HBO, Concert in the Park, NYC);an MJQ concert, the Qatsi Trilogy; Cream; a Pink Floyd concert; Weather Report at Monteux 1976; U-2 Rattle & Humm (with the New Voices of Freedom choir on “I still Haven’t Found what I’m Looking For” , and some assorted others. Videos are a mere 84 gigs.

So, that’s my confession. I am a collector. Who need 80 Jimmy Smith albums? Hey, he’s great. And, I have a Jimmy Smith video with a very young Donald Bailey on drums. Terrific.