Miles Davis on WLIW and No One Knew It

Miles Davis on WLIW and No One Knew It

PubTV strikes again. We have on our cable system the luxury of both WNET, New York City, NY,and WLIW, Garden City,NY. They are both managed by WNET. What they present is top shelf. Especially WNET is the originator of great programs in the arts. WLIW specializes in celebrating ethnicity.

But, both stations seem to be unable to let the public know via newspapers and television guides what they will be airing. I have quit both stations. I have had conversations with people at both stations. They both say that they are not responsible for what in in the media guides. Well, that stuff comes from somewhere.

So, last night, my brother happens past WLIW airing a video of Miles Davis with music from the album “Kind of Blue”, a Jazz album as important as any. My cable guide listed “This Old House”. The video was “The Music of Miles Davis”, made in 1959. I believe that it was Miles’ First Quintet with a larger band of horns and reeds. The pledge pitchers said that the film had not been seen for 50 years.Had I known that this was on TV, I would have recorded it on my DVR, made a DVD on my DVD recorder, edited out the pledging with my video editing software, and put the .mp4 file on my hard drives. Alas, no chance, we missed a big chunk of the hour and a half program.

But, all was not lost. I did a search on the film title and found it on You Tube. So much for 50 years. Here it was in three parts, adhering to You Tube rules for length of video. But it was sitting right there, Parts 1/3, 2/3, and 3/3. With my You Tube download bookmark, I saved the three files in .mp4 to my hard drive. Then with AVS Video Converter, I merged the three parts into a seamless 25 minute film.

Success is a nice thing.