WNYC buys WQXR – What Of IT???

WNYC buys WQXR – What Of IT???

So, WNYC is purchasing everything there is to purchase of WQXR.

So what does this mean?

The only thing that is important for WNYC music listeners is that we keep the kind of music programming we have now enjoyed for the last couple of years. George Preston and Brad Cresswell did tremendous work in the creation of wnyc2. This effort rubbed off on and re-invigorated Evening Music. With the advent of Terrance McKnight, with Bach next to Bessie Smith, Dvorak next to Duke Ellington, Evening Music has never been better.

That is what is important and that is all that is important. The switch to a low power transmitter is probably not a big deal. While the WQXR geniuses were running their web stream through America On Line, the Reo of the internet, WNYC’s internet savvy staff built up one of the best net infrastructures in Radio.

I suspect that the majority of the WQXR listenership is still bound to terrestrial radio. I suspect that the WNYC audience is much more tending to listening via wnyc.org, either in the station’s own player, or via Winamp or Windows Media Player.

WQXR was, in its last decades, a mass of mediocrity. Garbage. Ca-ca, as the British would say.

There has been no statement from Laura Walker about the content of the music programming. We really could use a statement from her about music.

Visit WNYC’s web site, find your way through the labrynth of music sites to see the comments that have been posted on the station’s various music Comments pages, what passes for a weblog at WNYC, the one thing that has been poorly implemented, instead of as true forum.

This is all over the weblogosphere, see especially Scanning the Dial
at Inside the Arts, Current, and, of course, on WNYC’s site and Evening Music. I have asked Greg Sandow if he plans to comment in his weblog. I hope that Greg will give us his thoughts. Greg is the clearest and deepest thinker on these matters on the web today.

Let me know what you think.

Update: I went to Sequenza 21 to see if there had been any comments on this subject. I found nothing, so, I asked if they would be having anything to say. Sequenza 21 is probably the most important weblog for New Music anywhere on the internet. WNYC has been the most important radio outlet for New Music anywhere. I am pleased to say that they responded positively. I hope that they will stay with this as it unfolds. No one in his or her right mind wants to see the WQXR culture at WNYC, except maybe for the Lincoln Center crowd.