Paul Simon Addiction

Paul Simon Addiction

So, I have this new addiction. To Paul Simon. After Garfunkel. The Paul Simon of “Graceland” and “Rhythm of the Saints”. Really, it’s not so new. It started back in 1991, with the “Concert in Central Park”, a stop in the “Rhythm of the Saints” tour. I videotaped that concert and have now digitized it. It originally was based in the music of that extraordinary band. But it has received a new shot of energy as described below.

My excitement here is similar to that which I felt about George Harrison after the Beatles. These two artists got themselves together with collections of some of the finest session players anywhere and totally changed what they were doing. In the words of Jack Welch of GE, they “blew it up”, they re-made the music and themselves. We are the beneficiaries.

So, now, I have a new concert, “Paul Simon- You’re the One”, Paris 2000. If you enjoy Paul Simon sans Art Garfunkel, get this DVD.

Paul Simon - You're the one

Do not bother with the CD

You're the One CD

There is about 48 minutes of music on the CD, but the concert is just under two hours. The CD has all new material. BUT the older material in the concert on the DVD is really very good. This band sparkles.

Several of the people from the 1991 concert are present, Steve Gadd on drums, Vincent Nguini on guitar, and Tony Cedras on especially accordion, but other instruments, also. This band also has Evan Ziporyn most recently of the Downtown New York music scene (BOAC) on reeds. A note on Steve Gadd, who is all over my hard drives playing sessions in many bands: Steve was the drummer at the 1981 Simon & Garfunkel concert in Central Park. So, that is now at least 1981 through 2000 that Paul and Steve still see eye to eye.

This band is smaller than the Rhythm of the Saints band. But it fairly crackles with excitement. Especially wonderful is the piece “Graceland”. I have it here, I have it on the “Graceland” CD and the DVD, I have it in the Concert in Central Park. I think this version is the best one.

Get the DVD. Then get a DVD audio ripper and rip the music to .mp3. Make a music CD, or put it on your .mp3 player.
I hope you give this suggestion some thought.