WNYC becomes WQXR(?) October 8, 2009

WNYC becomes WQXR(?) October 8, 2009

Sorry, I just cannot figure out what to call the newly formed Classical music entity at 105.9, http://www.wnyc.org. Or, will it be http://www.wqxr. what? org? com? It is all too confusing. We will still have wnyc2. What will be its name? Is there a wqxr2?

Anyway, it is all happening at the zoo – oops, sorry that is from Paul Simon who is very much on my mind. It is happening at the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra concert at Carnegie Hall at 8:00PM on October 8, 2009. Aha!! The NY Daily News says that the broadcast will be at 93.9FM and streamed at http://www.wqxr.whatever. I mean, their link says .org, but, click on it and you got to .com. The New York Times says that the broadcast will be on 105.9. I mean, that’s okay, a simulcast.

Hey, if 93.9 keeps Jonathan Schwartz, I am all for this thing.

But, seriously folks, it is well nigh time that we were told just what listeners can expect. I have been a commenter in weblogs and newspaper on-line sites all over the place. I can tell you that WQXR has its adherents. They are also all over the weblogs. So, one thing is we know that they have computers. So they can stop complaining about the reduced power at 105.9. One question is, will they become members?

But, what will the new station be like? I want no change from the current music programming at WNYC. I want Terrance, David, Nadia, Helga. I want Reich, Glass, Adams, Golijov, Bessie Smith, Duke Ellington, and of course, John Zorn.

WQXR listeners have been very pronounced in responses to news articles. They want mostly their on-air folk.

If the content changes, I am ready. We were put to it when the day time music was cut after 9/11. We all found our way with sites like http://www.publicradiofan.com, http://www.accuradio.com, http://www.live365.com. I will have no problem finding what I want on the internet. I expect no change at wnyc2. My only question is FM radio in the car. Again, no real problem with having listenable music. I have 160 gigs of music on three 120 gig Zune .mp3 players. That is more music than some stations’ libraries. I am not one for satellite radio’s offerings. I hear it in my friend’s car. To me it is pablum. Whitebread.

And, mornings are fine, with WPRB . Also, there is WBGO for great Jazz, music I enjoy more and more.

If all I have left is wnyc2, some of my member dollars will go elsewhere. I will cut back to the basic membership from my current US$100.00. My money will go to streamers at Live365, especially Innova.mu, the voice of the American Composers’ Forum, St Paul, MN for their excellent streams, and to PostClassic, if it still up, the stream of Kyle Gann.

I will of course, never cease to recognize the excellence of John Schaefer’s two offerings, Soundcheck and New Sounds. John’s work alone is worth my membership.

I really do not expect this all happen. I expect to keep Terrance, David, Nadia, and Helga, and the music I now enjoy.

So, tell us, what can we expect.