Marvin Rosen will be having a very special mini-maration on October 14, 2009 (next week) on WPRB during the fund drive. The program will be on from 5:30AM (egad!!) until 1:00PM.There will be some very special music aired and streamed and some very special guests. Here is Marvin’s description right from the Classical Discoveries web site:

“…Classical Discoveries will present a “Membership Mini Marathon” which will begin at 5:30am next Wednesday, October 14, and run till 1:00pm There will be many one-of-a-kind surprise CD premiums for Classical Discoveries/Avant Garde listeners personally donated by Marvin, available only during the Mini Marathon. Please check the listing of available CD’s below.

If you like “Classical Discoveries” and the “Avant-Garde Edition” as well as WPRB’s unique and varied programming, please call at 609-258-1033 with your pledge anytime,
however, if you donate during the “Classical Discoveries Mini Marathon” on Wednesday, October 14, you will show your appreciation and support of Marvin’s unique programming.
No donation is too large or too small. Everything helps. Thank you all for your support.

This year guests visiting the studio include; at 09:30 AM Derek Bermel, Composer and artist-in-residence at Princeton University’s Institute for Advanced Study, at 10:00 am composer Paul Moravec, winner of the 2004 Pulitzer Prize in Music and at 11:30 am Andrew Rudin, composer of the first large scale, original serious composition for the Moog synthesizer….”

If you have heard Marvin before, you know how special all of this is. If you have not heard Marvin, please take this opportunity to tune in to FM 103.3 in the Princeton-Central New Jersey area, or stream the programming from WPRB.