MyYahoo! a great RSS feed reader is shooting itself in the foot.

10.17.09 MyYahoo! a great RSS feed reader is shooting itself in the foot.

I have been using MyYahoo! as an RSS feed reader for quite some time.
I have seven subscriptions, six of which have as many as 20-30 feeds.

For me, the most important subscription I have deals with exactly the subject(s) of my weblog, Public Radio and serious music, Classical and Jazz. I have feeds from many “bloggers” (I despise that shortened form of the word and try to never use it.), e.g. Sequenza 21, Scanning The Dial, and Arts Journal/music and many critics, e.g. Greg Sandow , Alex Ross, and Alan Rich I also have feeds from NPR/music for concerts, especially from WBGO, Jazz 88, Newark, NJ and Jazz weblogs and critics, eg, Peter Hum’s baby, and one of the very best, and Howard Mandel’s Jazz Beyond Jazz, another great source of knowledge (Hey Howard, if you are reading me, how are you?).

This feed reader could be great. It is configurable for the number of days of feed, for what one sees prior to clicking on a feed, for moving feeds around and organizing one subscription by the use of tabs.

But, alas, in my case it is broken, and often all I see is “Oops – There was a problem loading this content. Please check back later.”
Boy, that took forever, it sucks, sorry, but it shows what happens. In this pictograph, just two, but often as many as 20-30, the whole thing. Not good. If I cannot get my feeds, of what use is MyYahoo!?

I took this to them and they said that I needed to cut down my demand, use no “short summaries”, put the feeds into tabs, use an older template (which just reduced the color palette). I tried what they said with the tabs and only got 50% satisfaction. I got all of the music and none of the critics.

This is nonsense. Yahoo should make their tools work. What happened to the “cloud”?

So, I migrated the whole thing, all seven subscriptions to Google Reader. It works. It just plain works. Too plain. Too many days, no limit of days. If I have not looked at a subscription for three days, then I am not interested in those last three days, even so far as to mark them read. But, I am getting my content, my critics, news of music, concerts and the like.

I hope that Yahoo, now advertising their whole big new self all over at least cable television, I hope that they can straighten this mess out. Believe me, if I am having this trouble, so are many others. MyYaoo! has been by far the most popular feed reader because when it has worked it is so very very good.

I hope that some of these people I have mentioned, Peter Hum, Howard Mandel, Steve Janssen, Marty Ronish, Mona Seghatoleslami, Alex Ross, Alan Rich, and Greg Sandow, I hope that they have alerts set for their names (Google does that also). I really respect their work. From Peter, you can get links to a whole bevy of other bloggers and critics, the same and way more from Alex Ross.

By the by, I am now working in an unsung but superb web browser, SeaMonkey, the latest iteration of the internet suite that began as Netscape, oh so many years ago. It is “feature complete” with browser, email, a composer. I use only the browser, but it is fantastic. You know, like that old television commercial said, “try it, you’ll like it”.

10.21.09 Here is the latest from MyYahoo!
A wee bit harder to read, take it from me, they all read “Oops”.



Oops is still going on at MyYahoo:

Too bad, too bad.