The Digiteria Gets a Makeover

The Digiteria Gets a Makeover

Last Saturday it was rainy. So, no cycling. Leaves pretty much down, so no hiking. So, I decided to head for the cellar and see if I could get rid of junk. We really do not have any junk anymore. I visit the cellar regularly for this purpose.

But, I did cast my eye on two tables for which I have yearned for quite some time. I decided that the time had come to get these two tables up to the second floor and into the Digiteria. The tables are too heavy for me at my advanced age. I got a couple of friendly neighbors to help.

So, how does this fit in with the core theme of this weblog? Only tangentially. One needs to be happy with a room if one spends a lot of time in it trying to be creative. That’s the connection.

The problem with the old tables was that they had bracing underneath which precluded any drawers. So, with no storage, the place was generally a mess. The brackets came up from the legs to the top at an angle. So, here are the results:



So, the tables were in the cellar; the large white open cubes, one under each table, were from my daughter’s room. The vertically stacked drawer/shelf combos to the left under the netbook were also from my daughter’s room. Even the white shelf on the cube under the dask table was cut from a shelf from our old kitchen.

The only money I spent was for the two sets of drawers under the desk table. I was surprised that I could not find anything like them in Staples or Office Depot. They are from Ikea.

I am extremely pleased with the results.