A Great Sunday Morning at WPRB

A Great Sunday Morning at WPRB

What a terrific surprise!! Marvin Rosen substituting for the regular host, Jeannie Becker (?) and doing a Jazz program.
Classical Discoveries
This is great listening. I would encourage Marvin to bring out some of these other sides of himself to the weekday audience. While Marvin is today featuring Jazz for Poland, I know he is very widely erudite in American Jazz of all periods. By the way, if Marvin chose to do a program of early Rock and Roll, it would really be a sensation. Marvin Rosen is just plain Mister Music. We are lucky to have him.

Marvin’s regular programs, “Classical Discoveries” and “Classical Discoveries Goes Avantgarde” can be heard on WPRB on Wednesday mornings. Be there, Aloha.