An Ipod to replace a Zune? I don’t think so.

An Ipod to replace a Zune? I don’t think so.

I maintain four 120 gig Zunes to hold all or most of my music and video. One is for Classical Music and Spoken Word; one is for Jazz; one is for Rock and its offspring; one is for videos.

So, one Zune dies. I have a contract on it. I take it back to the big box store. Because I have the contract, they give me store credit (it’s beyond their anything goes 30 day return policy) for the Zune AND the contract. They no longer have 120 gig Zunes.

I consider a 180 gig ipod. No, the last time I installed iTunes it disabled an optical drive with high and low filters that my OEM had to correct. This must be a common problem with iTunes on some Windows machines. The first tech broke my “rule of six” – six calls to get to someone who knows what you are dealing with. He knew exactly what to do. He took over my machine and in two minutes in the Registry got rid of the filters. I immediately had the optical drive back.

Then, I thought, what the heck? Most ipods are used on Windows machines just because Apple has such a tiny part of the installed market of PC’s.

So, I pick up a 180 gig and an accessory kit. When I go to pay, the clerk offers me a contract, which I decline. He says, and I paraphrase, you know, when the battery dies in a year, this contract will replace it for free. Die in a year? Yes he says, it is right in the fine print on the box.

Thanks, but no thanks. I am not going to buy a product where the box tells me it is guaranteed to fail in a year.

I went home. I went to Amazon where I found 11 new black and 22 red 120 gig Zunes in amazon’s inventory. For cheap. US$209.00 with no shipping charge.

If they get down to US$169.00, I will probably buy a couple more for insurance,