Well, I was not going to do this, but I see that Peter Hum’s did it.

Probably not for the same reason.

I need to run a test. I need to see how long this post is going to take to get on my Facebook page. WordPress has not seen fit to give us a simple Facebook application like so many other sites. WordPress has several procedures for the owner of the weblog to put a Facebook thingy on the page. But they are all pretty technical. I write about PubRadio, Classical music, and Jazz. I do not do really technical stuff.

WordPress is free. So are all of the other pages where the owners have seen fit to use the power of Facebook to spread their gospels by making it easy for us to get their stuff on our Facebook pages.

Just today, put a notice in their Google Group that we could link to them so that their news would get out. Previously, when I got news of a release by an Innova artist, I would have to do it myself.

WBGO also set up a similar thing.

All kinds of my RSS feeds on news, tech, Jazz, computing, and Classical music have Facebook or “Share” blocks that contain Facebook as a choice.

Even World Community Grid has come up with a Facebook link.

This is not a WordPress problem as such. One of the procedures that gave us, putting a feed link into our Settings, does work. But it takes forever.

So, now let’s see what happens…
Wordpress could help us out with a real Facebook application.