Christmas Eve at Farley’s Bookshop

Christmas Eve at Farley’s Bookshop

Last night, we made our annual Christmas Eve pilgrimage to Farley’s Bookshop in Hew Hope, PA. We have been doing this now for about fifteen years. On Christmas Eve, I need to say hello to Jim Farley, the proprietor.

Farley’s is the best book store I have ever visited.

On Christmas Eve, Farley’s is open late and is festive. There are always quite a few of Jim’s regulars there. We might be classed as the irregulars.

Years ago, I started buying the works of John McPhee there, because Jim had his books on the shelf. Any other book store I visited looking for this author would tell me they could order up what I wanted.

When I began studying Western Theology and Mysticism, Farley’s was the shop with the widest variety of the most important books in print.

These days, I am buying books on Classical music and Jazz. Again, Farley’s is the right place to go.

Jazz Loft Project

Jim Farley has an engaging personality. He dreams of far away places and the finer aspects of a well lived life. But he knows that his heart is and always will be in New Hope.

I hope that Jim has an alert set and might see this post.