Recording Jazz Video from You Tube

Recording Jazz Video from You Tube

I just finished recording from You Tube and editing Omnibus – Bernstein on Jazz broadcast October 16, 1955 on CBS television.

So, here is how to get for yourself some really important video on the subject(s) of Jazz.

There is an excellent video download tool available for Firefox browser from Mozilla Corporation. You can download as Flash video, or .mp4 video. I suppose that Flash might be a better reproduction, But .mp4 is much more useful. When a video in in .mp4, you can load it into Zune, maybe iPod. One can play it in Windows Media Player, Winamp, VLC, whatever is your player of choice.

The problem with You Tube is that videos are basically limited to 9 or ten minutes. So, what to do to get a single whole video file?

Go to AVS4You, pay a nominal price and get AVS Video Converter 6. With this really neat little piece of software you can do all sorts of editing of videos. I use it to merge You Tube videos. I also us it to edit out commercials from programs I record from Cable TV.

The Bernstein program is in five parts. I downloaded it in .mp4. Then, I took the five files and merged them in the proper order with AVS Video Converter 6. I am watching and listening (peripheral vision) on another computer as I write this post. I have not noticed any discontinuity as the final video goes from section to section .

I did this procedure and wrote about it previously with The Sound Of Miles Davis from 1959 which I missed on WLIW televison because of an error in a newspaper listing.

I highly recommend this whole process. There is tons of great Jazz video on You Tube, all in little chunks.
If you do not have Firefox, it is worth installing it just for this purpose.